Our Company, Kelet-Flott Kft (Limited) was founded in April, 1998, as a company 100% in Hungarian ownership; since its incorporation, our company’s main business is manpower lending.
Our company, in addition to manpower lending, has extended its scope of operation with cleaning activities, adapting to the customers' needs.

Our goal is to contribute to the business success of our clients with more than a decade of professional experience, to provide professional services to our customers, to meet their demands flexibly while, of course, we observe the laws. To this end, our company offers its services according to the requirements of the ISO Quality Management System, and we have ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management Certificate.

Our further goal is to reduce the administrative burdens of our customers; to enable them to focus on the professional issues affecting the future of your company undisturbed.
If you opt for our services, you will contribute to the development of the Hungarian economy!

Kelet-Flott Kft.:

                                    Company registration number: Cg: 15-09-065283
                                    Taxation number:                   11652728-2-15


Manpower lending licence number: 9953-2/2001-1500


Róbert Dancs
Managing director